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The problem of riverine plastic pollution is universal: plastic debris will be transported by rivers, crossing national and political borders, before reaching our ocean.

Yet few are stepping up to own the problem.

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Four ways to protect rivers and oceans from plastic pollution

Our rivers function as highways transporting plastic to the ocean. There is an urgent need for measures to stop plastic in its tracks. The problem of riverine plastic pollution is universal: the plastic crosses national and political borders, yet few are stepping up to own the problem. We reveal four ways a Bubble Barrier can make an impact:

1. Catch riverine plastics

A Bubble Barrier means you can tackle the problem of plastic pollution locally. By catching plastic in your local river, you will be at the forefront of fighting plastic pollution. You will be catching plastic that can be seen on the water surface, but also plastic that is below the surface since our Bubble Barrier covers the full width and depth of the river. Curious about our technology? Visit our technology page for more information.

2. Raise awareness

Tackling plastic pollution locally via a Bubble Barrier helps raise awareness of the problem. Most plastic debris is under water. With a Bubble Barrier debris is brought to the surface and trapped in the catchment system, strengthening the understanding on the amount to be found in our rivers. Your Bubble Barrier will become an education point for the (local) community.

3. Monitoring the catch

Research on the amounts, brands, and types of plastic helps to address the problem close to the source. Understanding the cause of the problem can stimulate new policies concerning plastic pollution.

Read more about our research collaboration with the Plastic Soup Foundation.

4. River waste management

Together with our local partners, we look for ways to return the collected plastic to market and connect our Bubble Barrier to a circular economy.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to reuse our collected waste. Are you a recycling company or do you have a great recycling idea for trapped waste? Reach out to us!


Pioneers of Plastic Pollution Action

Municipalities & regions took the matter into their hands. Read their stories and get inspired to make a change!

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