Partners & Friends

Together we fight against plastic pollution in rivers

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. Our mission is to catch plastic in rivers and to create awareness about this problem. Fortunately, many other organizations are supporting our mission to fight plastic pollution.

Would you like to contribute or collaborate?

Partnership highlights

How do partners help us in our mission? By offering funding, expertise, research and resources, partners support us in various ways, all working towards the mission of tackling plastic pollution in rivers.

Would you like to contribute or collaborate?
Please contact us

Would you like to contribute or collaborate?
Please contact us

Supporting partners

The partners below have made an important contribution to the realisation of The Great Bubble Barrier as an enterprise, through knowledge, experience and networking. 

Research partners

In collaboration with our research partners, we conduct research in the field of technological performance, ecology and monitoring of the macro and microplastics in our projects.

Technical partners

All these projects were made possible through the support and work of our technical partners. Four of these partners are highlighted below for their consistent commitment to The Great Bubble Barrier.

Friends of the ocean

We are not alone on our mission. Working together with friends of the ocean such as the Plastic Avengers, the Community of Practice Plastic and various other projects ensure we have a joint approach. We support each other in sharing knowledge and tools to increase awareness around plastic pollution.

Our backers

We are very happy and proud of our loyal supporters. All donations to The Great Bubble Barrier are used to facilitate further research or to support the implementation of a Bubble Barrier.

Get involved

Collaboration is crucial to fight plastic pollution worldwide. Our partnerships exist in many forms. Would you like to partner up, become a backer, or support us in another way?

Partner up


We are looking for sustainable partners. Become part of the movement to tackle one of the greatest environmental problems and accelerate positive impact in rivers worldwide. Take action against plastic pollution together with us! 


Become a backer


As a backer, you contribute financially to further research on the Bubble Barrier or by helping us to implement more Bubble Barriers. Do you also want to make a personal financial contribution?



Become an ambassador


Do you want to support us in a different way? Become an ambassador for The Great Bubble Barrier. Contribute by sharing our river solution with your network, or share your expertise or resources. Let us know how you want to help.