Tell the story of a Great solution to riverine plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues our world faces. A great solution to tackle it already exists and is being deployed in more and more rivers. Want to be part of spreading the message? Get in touch with us for press inquiries.



Make use of our footage to tell the right story. All the materials found in these kits are available for editorial use. Whenever you use our imagery, make sure to credit “The Great Bubble Barrier®” and have a look at our press guidelines.

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The story about solutions to solve riverine plastic pollution is one to be spread. Our co-founders have had the opportunity to share their message at over 100 occasions for a variety of audiences.

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Ana Project Manager

Anne Marieke Eveleens


Chief Business Development Officer

Anne Marieke has an M.Sc. in Neurobiology and wide experience within Corporate Responsibility. Her focus lies on current solutions and initiatives to stop riverine plastic pollution. She also has vast knowledge about the effects of plastic on our health.

Philip Ehrhorn


Chief Technology Officer

Francis Zoet


Chief Operational Officer

Francis has an M.Sc. in Sustainable Development – Energy and Materials and experience in sustainability consulting. She has extensive knowledge on circular economy and policy change needed to stop riverine plastic pollution.

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