Take action as a citizen or NGO

Play an active role in cleaning your local river

Citizens and communities have a voice and like our Bubble Barrier in Katwijk, it can lead to real action. Are you a local citizen initiative dedicated to fight plastic pollution? Discover the possibilities to clean your local river with a Bubble Barrier.

Ready to fight plastic pollution in your local river? Learn more about how a citizen or NGO can get involved to keep their rivers clean.


Three ways you can take action

Reach out to your local councillor

Your voice matters. There are various stakeholders involved in decision-making. That’s why we have created a toolkit to help you take action and give you a framework with practical advice and guidance on how to get a Bubble Barrier in your local area. Request the toolkit directly via our contact form!

Share insights about your location

Help us collect information on the scale of plastic pollution in our rivers. Your submission will also be used to assess specific rivers where we see a good opportunity.

Find out more about Plastic Pollution

To be a credible voice on the complex issue of plastic pollution, we must stay on top of latest research. This can take up quite some time so we are sharing with you a comprehensive and digestible report by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which includes all the multi facets on this issue. Share it with others and spread the knowledge.


Do you have a different idea in mind?

Get in touch with us!


How other communities succeeded

Bubble Barrier Katwijk

What started in 2018 as an initiative of concerned citizens, has now grown into a unique, widely supported mission to tackle plastic pollution in the Katwijk region, in The Netherlands. This movement has led to the implementation of the Bubble Barrier Katwijk, stopping plastic pollution before reaching the North Sea.


With your support we can accelerate our mission


If your organisation wants to support environmental technology solution, you can contribute to our mission by making a donation. 

Donations directly contribute to improving our system and researching best possible ways to deploy our technology. We do not only focus on installing Bubble Barriers but continuously research and develop best possible ways to catch as much plastic as possible.

Monitoring & Awareness

As an NGO, you can gather momentum on the project and support us with monitoring activities of the collected plastic by the Bubble Barrier.

With sufficient data, we can create awareness and communiation campaigns on what truly lays in our rivers. You role would be to ensure the monitoring of the plastic, and support or lead communication activities.

Lobbying for regulation

If your organisation is more activist, we would be happy to partner up with you to develop communication campaigns to influence policy makers on the need for regulation for our waterways.

Your role could be to initiate ideas on how to create communication campaigns using our current monitoring data. This will be done in collaboration with our communication team.