Clean Rivers, Healthy Oceans: Your Gift Makes a Difference

The Great Bubble Barrier is a social enterprise on a mission to clean rivers from plastic pollution using bubbles.

Our Bubble Barrier catches plastic over the fu­ll width and depth of rivers and prevents plastic from ending up in the ocean. 

Want to lend a hand? Help us raise €100,000 for plastic-free rivers this year.

Clean Rivers, Healthy Oceans: Your Gift Makes a Difference


Join the fight against plastic pollution!

Donate monthly, and join the Bubble Brigade

Want to be part of an exclusive club helping to reduce plastic pollution on an ongoing basis? Set up a monthly donation, and join the Bubble Brigade.

You will receive regular project updates, early access to events and exclusive merchandise.

Fundraise for us

Activate your community to support the fight against plastic pollution! Start a fundraiser in honour of a special event, your birthday or even a race/sporting event.

Download our handy fundraising guide, and click the button below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Great Bubble Barrier a non-profit or ANBI?

No, The Great Bubble Barrier is a social enterprise.

The Great Bubble Barrier chose to operate as a social enterprise instead of a non-profit to combine the mission-driven focus of tackling plastic pollution with the flexibility and sustainability of a business model.

By functioning as a limited company (Besloten Vennootschap – B.V.) in the Netherlands, we can attract investment, innovate continuously, and scale our impact more effectively. This structure allows us to generate revenue, reinvest in our technology, and expand our reach to clean more rivers globally.

As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to our environmental mission while ensuring financial sustainability, ultimately enhancing our ability to make a long-term difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

Can I get a tax donation receipt for my donation?

The Great Bubble Barrier is a social enterprise and not a registered non-profit or ANBI. Unfortunately, we can’t issue tax donation receipts for donations. All donations are treated as normal income/revenue for tax purposes.

What will my donation be used for?

Donations to The Great Bubble Barrier will exclusively be used for the following purposes:

  • To implement Bubble Barrier projects
  • To run campaigns to increase awareness about plastic pollution, and advocate for policy change
  • To conduct research and monitor our impact
  • To develop new and improve existing technology to catch plastic pollution
Can I receive updates on the impact of my donation?

Of course!

To learn more about our work and the impact of your donation join our mailing list here. If you sign up to become a monthly donor you will also be invited to join an exclusive mailing list (The Bubble Brigade) with regular updates on our work.

If you have any questions, you can also get in touch at contact@thegreatbubblebarrier.com