Our technology

The Bubble Barrier

Over the past 5 years, we have developed the best and most energy-efficient solution for using bubbles to trap and remove plastics from waterways. 

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The concept

How does the Bubble Barrier work?

We create a bubble curtain by pumping air through a perforated tube on the bottom of the waterway. The bubble curtain creates an upward current which directs plastic to the surface. By placing the Bubble Barrier diagonally across the river, the natural flow of the water will push the plastic waste to the side and into the catchment system.

The catchment system is designed to work in harmony with the bubble curtain to collect and retain plastics. Following collection, it will be removed for processing and reuse.

The Product

The Bubble Barrier system

The Bubble Barrier comprises three main components: the bubble curtain, the compressor, and the catchment system. The three components are designed to work together to create the optimum solution for each location. The components are:

    Bubble curtain

    The location and necessary airflow of our bubble curtain are adapted according to the flow dynamics of the river or waterway. The bubble hose is made from rubber tubing and is ideally suited to application in a wide range of locations.

    Air supply

    The bubble curtain is created by using compressed ambient air. We use electric compressors that are optimised for the bubble curtain and tailored to the requirements of continuous operation and to any location-specific characteristics. Wherever possible, we aim to power our Bubble Barrier with renewable energy. This may vary per city and infrastructure.

    Catchment System

    The bubble curtain will be paired with the most suitable catchment system. We have developed our own catchment system which can be adapted to the local infrastructure at the site, for example, to accommodate how it will be emptied by local authorities.

    Bubble Barrier Benefits

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    Which rivers are suitable?

    Every river is unique. Therefore, we carefully assess the options for installing a Bubble Barrier in each instance. A Bubble Barrier is suitable for many different sizes and types of rivers, as follows: