2021/12/1o –  Research bubble Barrier Amsterdam 

What does the Bubble Barrier catch?

The research alliance that monitors the catch of Bubble Barrier Amsterdam has started again in September 2021. Due to COVID measures the research results have been delayed. Together with The Plastic Soup Foundation we are in the process of examining this captured canal plastic on behalf of the Regional Water Authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht. 

Plastic Soup Foundation is looking into which items are being caught by Bubble Barrier Amsterdam; how much plastic is caught; which brands are common and whether the waste can be traced back to its source. This is important information to effectively prevent plastic waste from entering the canals in the future. For example, the data could inform conversations with producers about alternatives to disposable plastic packaging and a rapid introduction of a deposit on cans.

What does the research look like?
With the help of a team of volunteers, the waste collected by the Bubble Barrier is dried, sorted and analysed for over a year. The waste is categorised within the so-called OSPAR method. There are more than 100 OSPAR categories within this method, which will provide valuable information when the monitoring period has ended. Not only will knowledge on the functioning of Bubble Barrier Amsterdam be gained, but also about the many sources, the kind of plastic pollution and the variations of plastic waste per season.  

We hope to present our research results to local policy makers next year to show them how much plastic pollution is in their water. At the same time we strive to raise people’s attention on the issue of plastic pollution.

Catch of the month series
Every month for the past year we have highlighted pieces of plastic caught by our Bubble Barrier Amsterdam.

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Research partners

This research is carried out by the Plastic Soup Foundation and commissioned by Waterschap, Amstel, Gooi and Vecht and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Press and media

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