Bubble Barrier Porto region

In summer 2022, The Great Bubble Barrier will be implementing a new Bubble Barrier in the Porto region in Portugal. The system will prevent riverine plastic pollution from flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. This Bubble Barrier will be implemented as part of project MAELSTROM – a EU co-funded project dedicated to the mitigation of marine litter impact in coastal ecosystems. 

The Location

Porto Region

Plastic pollution is threatening coastlines globally including Portugal.

According to a recent study, the Porto region hosts two of the most plastic polluted rivers in Portugal. That is why The Great Bubble Barrier is working on installing a new Bubble Barrier in this region, as part of project MAELSTROM.

The system will be able to tackle the issue close to the source, preventing riverine plastic pollution finding its way into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Great Bubble Barrier and project partner Ciimar have been working on assessing several locations for the placement of a Bubble Barrier. The exact location will be announced by the end of the year!

The installation of a Bubble Barrier in the Porto region – the first Bubble Barrier outside of The Netherlands – will set the standard for tackling riverine plastic pollution in the region and beyond.


The Project


MAELSTROM – MArine Litter SusTainable remOval and Management- is a four-year project co-funded by the European Union. Its main goal is to find strategies to reduce the impact of marine litter in coastal ecosystems. In this project, The Great Bubble Barrier forms a consortium together with 13 other European parties.

The project aims to implement innovative and environmentally sustainable technologies such as a Bubble Barrier for the removal and treatment of litter within river ecosystems, intercepting litter before it enters the sea. Within the project, The Great Bubble Barrier is responsible for designing and implementing a Bubble Barrier in the Porto region as one of the collection methods for marine litter.

MAELSTROM will also provide solutions to sort and recycle the collected marine litter and give it new strategic uses in accordance to the Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Union.

Take Action

Become a partner

The plastic pollution problem has reached a point where we can no longer ignore our bad habits and expect others to deal with the consequences. We need cities, communities, and local stakeholders to not only talk about change, but to take action.

Project MAELSTROM will only finance 70% of the project. That’s why we need your help to make this Bubble Barrier a reality. We are looking for organisations that want to join forces across industries and make a difference by helping us fund the installation and annual operational costs of Bubble Barrier Porto region.

By partnering with us, you will not only prevent riverine plastic pollution and maintain a healthy ecosystem but become a true change maker for this region and beyond.

Become a pioneer in preventing riverine plastic pollution by investing in a project that has proven to create real impact for the environment and society.

Consortium partners

Bubble Barrier Porto region is part of project MAELSTROM, which is co-funded by the EU in collaboration with:

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