Timeline & Goals

Going international

8 of the 10 most polluted rivers in the world, are located in Asia. We want to bring The Great Bubble Barrier to Asia as soon as possible. The first steps and contacts have been made.

The first Bubble Barrier in Amsterdam • November 2019

In November 2019 we implemented the first Bubble Barrier in a canal of Amsterdam commissioned by the Regional Water Authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht and the municipality of Amsterdam. This made the city of Amsterdam a global pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution. Bubble Barrier Amsterdam lies in the Westerdok which is one end of the monumental canals of Amsterdam and an exit to the sea via river IJ. 


Research has shown that densely populated urban areas are causing pollution of our precious waters. Our goal is to place permanent Bubble Barriers in different rivers and channels. In cities, industrial areas, ports, locks and other strategic locations where we can collect plastic. If you are interested in placing a Bubble Barrier you can get in contact with us via our contact form.

Microplastics research: Bubble Barrier Wervershoof • May 2019 

The Bubble Barrier Wervershoof has been installed at a wastewater treatment plant in Wervershoof, North Holland, right after the wastewater treatment installation in the effluent canal. Via that canal, the purified wastewater flows in the direction of nature. This Bubble Barrier will give us insights into the effect of the Bubble Barrier on microplastics in water. To measure this effect, three locations will be measured by KWR following the TRAMP methodology, every second week. This Bubble Barrier in Wervershoof has a length of 16 meters. First results of this experiment will be published later this year. Read more >>


We are looking for partners to make our supply chain complete. Additionally, our team continues to grow, as we work with young talented professionals and experienced advisors.

Accepted to Climate KIC stage 3 • November 2018 – November 2019

We have been accepted to the third part of the accelerator program of the European Union. This stage prepares businesses for. investment rounds and scaling up. Through this program, we have tapped into huge networks for clients and partners.

Winners of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge • September 2018

The Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge is one of the world’s largest competitions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. 800+ Green start-ups from all over the world submitted their promising sustainable business plans. As winners, we received funding to further develop the product and company. In addition to the prize money, we received over six months of expert coaching to optimize our business opportunities.

Accepted to Climate KIC stage 2 • January 2018 – May 2018

We have been accepted to the second part of the accelerator program of the European Union. Every two weeks we will be coached to validate our business assumptions. Climate KIC gives us knowledge, resources, tools and coaching cleantech start-ups need for succes.

Successful crowdfunding for a permanent Bubble Barrier • January 2018 – May 2018

We started a crowdfunding campaign to fund our first permanent Bubble Barrier. We raised 55.584 euro thanks to 1240 supporters who believe in our mission and made our crowdfunding a success!

Pilot IJssel • November 2017

Last November we have executed our first full scale pilot in the IJssel, one of the fastest flowing rivers in the Netherlands. We could test the barrier in various winter weathers.

Plastic Soup Terrine • October 2017

The Plastic Soup Foundation has given us the honour of the Plastic Soup Terrine.

Accepted to Climate KIC stage 1 • September 2017

We have been accepted to the accelerator program of the European Union. Every two weeks we were coached to give us the fundamentals for coming years. Climate KIC gives us knowledge, resources, tools and coaching cleantech start-ups need for succes.

Public prize & second jury prize Our Oceans Challenge • June 2017

The Our Oceans Challenge is an initiative from the maritime industry to reward sustainable initiatives. The Great Bubble Barrier was awarded with the second prize and the public award, which we are very happy with!

Pilot Deltares • May 2017

In collaboration with Deltares we have been able to test many aspects of the Bubble Barrier and different situations. Both with a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model as in the Oosterscheldegoot. Here we have been performing various measurements for four weeks, to make the pilot on the IJssel river run as smoothly as possible.

First Prize Plastic Free Rivers Marathon • July 2016

After a 3-month trial, The Great Bubble Barrier won the first prize at the Plastic Free Rivers Makathon of PWN and Rijkswaterstaat. By winning first prize, we can perform a pilot in the IJssel river.