Partner up

We are always looking for partnerships with like-minded initiatives, cities and organizations that can help us reach our mission. The Great Bubble Barrier is currently collaborating with Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares, PWN, BAM/VandenHerik and others. Also, we are receiving support from sustainable and off-shore companies like Duurzame Jonge 100, Our Oceans Challenge, By The Ocean We Unite and Plastic Soup Foundation.

“The Great Bubble Barrier is the epitome of a practical citizen-led initiative, that has become a concrete part of a solution to a global problem. I have seen them grow and flourish and are very proud of what they have put forward, in a very short time. With the Bubble Barrier in the water we are making a big step towards a cleaner sea.”
Thomas van ThielFounder – By the Ocean we Unite

The Great Bubble Barrier has the mission to create plastic-free rivers and canals and to prevent plastic pollution in our planet’s surface water. Do you want to support The Great Bubble Barrier in this mission? Then contact us to discuss the various collaboration options.